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Hydrometallurgical process training from SGS gives you an understanding of how to obtain copper and other metals from the original ore, a concentrate or an intermediate product.

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Completion of the course allows you to develop and apply hydrometallurgy best practice, which can help to improve the productivity of your processing plant.

Our training reinforces your knowledge of hydrometallurgy (or ‘hydromet’) and informs you about the development of associated laboratory tests. In addition, you will learn about the process and components of lixiviation – the separation of soluble from insoluble substances by dissolving the former in water or another solvent (e.g. steam, alcohol, carbon disulfide).

Course outline:

  • Hydrometallurgical process
  •  Methods of lixiviation
  • Different types of lixiviants
  • BACH scale test

To find out more about our hydrometallurgical process training, contact SGS today.