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General chemistry foundations training from SGS gives you the knowledge and skills you need to understand the key chemical science concepts to perform chemical analysis.

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This course reinforces your existing knowledge of general chemistry and allows you to explore its possibilities while seeing its limitations. By helping you develop a more positive attitude towards this science, the course enables you to become more self-confident when performing chemical analysis and related activities.

You will consider the periodical system and the electrical properties of elements, the different types of chemical reaction and the factors determining their speed, and other essential theories and chemical phenomena.  This SGS training course will also provide you with fresh insights into problem solving, particularly the issues you are likely to encounter within an analytical environment.

Course outline:

  • Classification of material as a pure substance or a mixture
  • Periodical system: groups and periods; the properties of the periodic table
  • Electric tendency of any element – the possibility of forming an ionic or covalent
       link; the characteristics of substances according to their connection type
  • Different factors affecting the speed of chemical reaction
  • Types of chemical balance applied to concrete issues 
  • Base acid theories
  • Oxidation – reduction reactions
  • Organic reactions

To find out more about our general chemistry foundations training, contact SGS today.