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Copper extraction by solvents training from SGS gives you an understanding of how to obtain copper and develop hydrometallurgical laboratory tests. You will learn how to relate these lab tests to industrial scale production, and how to assess the quality of the results.

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As well as providing the theoretical basis for the solvents extraction process, the course teaches the importance of various parameters and their magnitudes. This allows you to detect a standard condition, to determine the relevancy of its control, and to decide if the quality of the final product is acceptable. This approach gives you a better perspective on the importance of your work in the productive chain.

Course outline:

  • Copper extraction metallurgical process
  • Theoretical basis of solvents extraction process
  • Industrial practices of copper solvents extraction (and how they relate to lab test development)

To find out more about our copper extraction by solvents training, contact SGS today.