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At a time of increasingly international markets, manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers are having to meet a greater number of regulations that seek to ensure safe and high-quality products.

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Meeting these regulations, which differ across geographic regions, makes technical demands of businesses and can be a drain on resources or require skills that a company does not have.

SGS provides technical assistance to organizations across all industries to help them achieve standards, regulatory requirements or certification.

No matter what your product or your target market, our experts will be able to devise a program of technical assistance based on your specific needs, taking into consideration standards and regulations relevant to specific products in specific markets. This will include advice on, and assistance with, producing labeling that sets out information about products in a manner relevant to different markets across the world.

SGS is proactive in ensuring we stay abreast of developments in best business practice and regulatory requirements for different industries, so you can be confident that when you work with us we will have foreseen all potential technical barriers to getting your product to different markets as quickly as possible.

The toy market is one of the most regulated, and SGS advises clients on differences in regulations in specific geographic regions, so that you can prepare to meet regulatory requirements. Toys require specific labeling and warnings in many countries. SGS experts can check that your products comply with current legislation. As age-grading guidance is often difficult to understand, they can also help for the age grading assessment of your toys to be sure your product is safe and adapted to its targeted users.

With an international reputation for helping clients prepare toy products for markets across the globe, there is no better partner than SGS to help with your technical assistance needs.